About Us.

Owned by Origin Cloud Technologies Private Limited.
— Founded by Sailendra Damaraju “Dream to make Stack Nation, A Outsourced CTO Provider for 100+ Clients”
We worked with many brands and worked in different service categories right from design to content, development to maintenance, hiring to retaining strategies & marketing to branding.
We helped 24+ Clients in Design, Development, Marketing, Recruitment, Content & Retention Services. 

Development | Maintenance
Mobile App | Maintenance
Development | Maintenance
Mobile App | Mainteance
Website | Maintenance
Development | Maintenance
Website | Mainteance
E-commerce | Maintenance
Development | Maintenance
Content | Recruitment
Technology Support | Recruitment
Brands We Worked With.


Our Business Team is available anytime to start conversation. Our Technical Team is available for E-Mail Conversation.

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